Best Stroke Treatment

When anything prevents blood flow to a portion of the brain or when a blood artery in the brain bursts, a stroke, also known as a brain attack, happens. The brain either ages or suffers harm in both scenarios. A stroke may result in permanent brain damage, chronic disability, or even fatality. The brain is the organ that manages our bodily activities, retains our memories, and generates our ideas, feelings, and verbal expression. In addition, the brain regulates a variety of bodily processes, including respiration and digestion. You need oxygen for your brain to function correctly. All of the areas of your brain receive oxygen-rich blood from your arteries. Brain cells begin to die within minutes of a blockage in blood flow because they are unable to receive oxygen. The result is a stroke. Ischemic strokes are the most common kind. When blood clots or other objects obstruct the brain's blood arteries, an ischemic stroke ensues.


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