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Best Neurologist in Ghaziabad; Most people will suffer from headaches at some point or another throughout their lives. Pain in the head or face is the primary sign of a headache. The intensity of this can be pulsating, ongoing, acute, or mild. Drugs, stress reduction techniques, and biofeedback are all effective treatments for headaches. You're not the only one if your head is hurting. One of the most prevalent types of discomfort in the world is headache. Around the world, 75% of adults reported having a headache the previous 12 months. A significant contributor to absences from work and school are headaches. They also have a negative impact on family and social life. The constant struggle with headaches can make some individuals worried and unhappy. Particularly migraines, headaches have a propensity to run in families Most children who get migraines have at least one parent who also experiences them. In fact, there is a fourfold increased risk of migraines in children whose parents suffer from them. Signals from the brain, blood vessels, and surrounding nerves interact to cause headache discomfort.


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